Perfluoroundecanoic acid

PFUnA, Henicosafluoroundecanoic acid; formula: C11HF21O2; CAS Registry Number:4234-23-5

Fluorocarbon with 11 C-atoms


Herring gull Inshore, the herring gull mainly feeds from the sea: upon fish, mussels, and crabs.
Students Student groups with an even number of female and male students at the age of 20 to 29.

Sampling area

NP Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park in the largest brackish water (Bodden) habitat of the world.
BR/NP Wattenmeere National park in the world largest connected sand and mud flats.
Sampling sites (humans) 4 university cities as sampling areas.

Sampling period

1982 - 2010