Lindane (gamma-HCH)

γ-hexachlorocyclohexane, γ-HCH; formula: C6H6Cl6; CAS Registry Number: 58-89-9

Highly effective insecticide that was banned from agricultural use in 2002 and restricted in pharmaceutical use in 2007

γ-HCH is lipophilic and binds to soil particles. During rain and run-off it enters ground- and surface waters. In the atmosphere it may be transported over long distances adsorbed to dust particles.

In the environment, γ-HCH is persistent. It accumulates in organisms and is enriched in the food web (biomagnification). Moreover, there is evidence for carcinogenicity and endocrine disrupting activity.

Since 2002, the use of Lindane in agriculture is banned in Europe and in 2009 it was added to the Stockholm Convention. It is, however, still used in some veterinary and pharmaceutical products.


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