24h-sampling urine

24-hour sampling urine
24h-sampling urine samples
Photo: Fraunhofer IBMT

Particularly suitable matrix for human biomonitoring because chemicals and/or their metabolites excreted with urine have been in direct contact with the organism. Therefore, measurements in urine can give valid information regarding the internal human body burden.

The kidney is the main excreting organ for absorbed inorganic and organic xenobiotics. For essential elements the kidney is a regulatory organ. Via concentration analyses in urine exposures to xenobiotics can be observed. Likewise, this matrix provides valuable information about the individual health status.

For more information about the specimen, the sampling and the processing of samples see the Guideline for Sampling and Sample Processing 24h-Sampling Urine (2015) - IBMT.

For investigations in the years 2011 to 2014 you will find the regulations in Richtlinie zur Probenahme und Probenbearbeitung 24-h-Sammelurin (2011) - UKM.

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