UV-Filter for humans and products

One use of UV-Filter substances is to protect the human skin from high-energy UV-radiation. However in many products the main use is protecting the product. There is a broad range of uses for UV-filters: in plastics and paints, filters are used to prohibit fragility and discolouring; in food they are used to prohibit spoilage.

The filter substances can leach from the product and enter the environment.


Benzotriazole UV stabilizers in plastics


Bream Bioindicator in rivers and lakes
Suspended particulate matter Fine insoluble mineral or organic particles in the water phase
Students Student groups with an even number of female and male students at the age of 20 to 29.

Sampling area

Saarländischer Verdichtungsraum Important, old-industrialised conurbation in Germany.
Rhein Longest river in Germany
Sampling sites (humans) 4 university cities as sampling areas.

Sampling period

1995 - 2018