Bewertung von Monitoringdaten der Umweltprobenbank des Bundes mit der Hasse-Diagramm-Technik

2003, Fachzeitschriften

Helm, Dieter
Umweltwissenschaften und Schadstoff-Forschung, Zeitschrift für Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie 15 (2003), 2 85 - 94


Assessment of Monitoring Data of the German Environmental Specimen Bank with the Hasse Diagram Technique

On behalf of the Federal Environment Ministry the Federal Environment Agency operates the German Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB), which targets are to record and evaluate pollution data of selected ecological systems. Scope of the present study is to check the possibilities of the Hasse diagram technique (HDT) for the assessment of ESB data, mainly with regard to evaluations and conclusions. Xenobiotic body burden in Bream musculature (Abramis brama), measured in 1997, was exemplary used to answer these questions. Focus was put on ecosystemic assessment. The results clearly show that HDT is a valuable method for the graphical display, interpretation and comparative evaluation of pollution data. HDT visualises data qualitatively and in summary. Additionally, differences between pollution patterns are revealed, which suggest different contamination processes and entries. An ecosystemic approach of assessment is achieved by simultaneous consideration of different xenobiotics.

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