Transekt Halle-Leipzig

Halle/Leipzig conurbation within the chemical triangle

The sub-area Transekt Halle-Leipzig is located in the middle of the sampling area and is a representative section of the Halle/Leipzig conurbation.

The sub-area comprises the largest industrial area in central Germany and the most densely populated in East Germany. Settlement and industrial areas, active and former open pits, and tailings cover large parts of the area. The pollution situation is characterized by high emissions which are related to the enormous densities of chemical industry and population.

The main receiving streams of the sub-area are the rivers Saale and Weisse Elster. In the former GDR they were heavily polluted by waste waters from the pulp and paper industry and the chemical industry, and by discharges of insufficiently treated municipal wastewaters from the area of Halle/Merseburg.

Even today the levels of AOX (absorbable organic halogen compounds) and DOC (dissolved organic carbon) are unusually high in the upper reaches of the Saale (location of pulp and paper industry). Furthermore, the salt load and the level of nitrate are very high.

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1991 - 2022