Gesamtgebiet Leipzig

Park area in Leipzig Rosental
Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

Park areas and lawns

The sampling site Gesamtgebiet Leipzig (entire area of Leipzig) comprises sites for sampling poplars, earthworms and pigeon eggs.

Poplar leaves are sampled in park areas, on the estate of the Leipzig Veterinary Clinics and on a sports ground in the centre of the city.

Earthworm sampling is performed in the Agrapark, in the Rosental Park and in the park Schkeuditz-Herrnholz.

The Agrapark is located in the south of Leipzig and is used for recreation. It is part of the riparian zone of Leipzig. Between 1950 and 2003, it was used as an exhibition area for agriculture fairs.

The park area Rosental is a recreational area in the centre of Leipzig. It is an English landscape garden and - like the Agrapark - part of the riparian zone of Leipzig.

The area Herrnholz-Schkeuditz is part of the floodplains of the river Weisse Elster. It is located in the northwest of Leipzig in the nature reserve Luppenaue (wetland of the Luppe creek). The area is not cultivated. The Elster-Luppe floodplain is broad lowland with forest and remnants of riparian forest and is an extension of the large riparian forest complex of Leipzig.

Pigeon eggs are sampled in the centre and eastern outskirts of Leipzig. In these areas residential and commercial land use predominates. In the east, agricultural land and industrial zones border the sampling site. Due to the occurrence of breeding flocks, eggs have been sampled at different places within the sampling sites since monitoring started. Currently, pigeon eggs are taken from three dovecotes.



Sampling period

1991 - 2022