Gesamtgebiet Halle

Poplar trees along the lake 'Hufeisensee' in Halle Kanena
Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

Sampling site for broad-leaved trees in an urban environment

The sampling site Gesamtgebiet Halle (entire area of Halle) includes three sampling places in the city, i.e., the cemetery Gertraudenfriedhof, the area along the lake Hufeisensee in Halle Kanena, and the area around the hospital Halle Dölau.

Poplars are present at all sites and their leaves are sampled for the Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB). The surroundings are characterised by loosely developed areas, agriculture and recreational areas.


  • A deciduous tree typical of ecosystems close to dense conurbations and an indicator for the characterisation of the immission situation during the vegetation period.


Sampling period

1991 - 2014