Dübener Heide Mitte

Important woodland and area for recreation for the conurbation Halle/Leipzig

The sub-area lies in the Nature Park Dübener Heide in the northwest of Saxony and the southeast of Saxony-Anhalt. It covers an area of about 90 km2. In the north and east it is bordered by the Elbe and in the west by the river Mulde.

The Dueben Heath is one of the largest contiguous forests in the region and an important recreational area of the Halle/Leipzig conurbation. The natural vegetation consisted of sessile oak-hornbeam forests and pine-birch-common oak forests. However, nowadays pure pine stands dominate in most areas. At sites near the groundwater level alder-ash and alder forests can be found. Further valuable habitats of the Dueben Heath include extensive low moors and transitional moors.

Deposits of fly ash and emissions of flue gas from the nearby industrial region around Halle, Leipzig and Bitterfeld have affected large parts of the forest in the nature park Dübener Heide. In former GDR times, the contamination of the pine forests in the west and central Dueben Heath was characterized by very high levels of electrolytes, sulphur and calcium.

Sampling site

  • Sampling site of bream in the river Mulde
  • The sampling site Revier Lutherstein is located in a forestal area at an altitude of 180 m.



Sampling period

1991 - 2023