WHO(2005)-PCDD/F+PCB-TEQ incl. LOQ

Sum of Dioxins (PCDD/Fs) and dioxin-like PCBs (DL-PCBs), expressed as WHO toxic equivalent using the WHO-TEFs(2005), calculation by using upperbound concentrations (upperbound concentrations are calculated on the assumption that all the values of the different congeners below the limit of quantification (LOQ) are equal to the limit of quantification)


Bream Bioindicator in rivers and lakes

Sampling area

Saarländischer Verdichtungsraum Important, old-industrialised conurbation in Germany.
Bornhöveder Seengebiet Main water divide between the North- and Baltic Sea
Rhein Longest river in Germany
Elbe Fourth largest river basin in Central Europe
Verdichtungsraum Halle-Leipzig Region in the chemical triangle of Central Germany
Donau Second largest river in Europe

Sampling period

2009 - 2018