Control agents against mice, rats and other rodents

Rodenticides are agents for controlling rodents such as house mice, brown rats or field mice. The control agents are assigned to biocides (biocidal product type 14), if their use is for the protection of human or animal health (protection against infection), man-made products (material protection) or hygiene-related storage protection.


Wafarin 1st generation anticoagulant
Chlorphacinone 1 st generation anticoagulant
Coumatetralyl 1 st generation anticoagulant
Flocoumafen 2nd generation anticoagulant
Bromadiolone 2nd generation anticoagulant
Brodifacoum 2nd generation anticoagulant
Difenacoum 2nd generation anticoagulant
Difethialone 2nd generation anticoagulant


Bream Bioindicator in rivers and lakes
Suspended particulate matter Fine insoluble mineral or organic particles in the water phase

Sampling area

Saarländischer Verdichtungsraum Important, old-industrialised conurbation in Germany.
Bornhöveder Seengebiet Main water divide between the North- and Baltic Sea
Rhein Longest river in Germany
Elbe Fourth largest river basin in Central Europe
Verdichtungsraum Halle-Leipzig Region in the chemical triangle of Central Germany
Donau Second largest river in Europe

Sampling period

1992 - 2015

Extended information