Barby (km 296)

The river Elbe near Barby
Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

Southernmost sampling site of the Middle Elbe

The sampling site Barby extends between river kilometres 296 and 305. It lies in the developmental zone of the Biosphere Reserve Mittlere Elbe (Middle Elbe). The section is part of the Middle Elbe. Its width varies between 130 and 270 metres.
At river kilometre 295 the river Saale flows into the Elbe.

To assess the influence of the Saale on the Elbe, the sampling site was not established in the immediate vicinity of the Saale mouth but rather a little downstream at river kilometre 305. The sampling site for breams lies within a field of groynes in the main stream whereas zebra mussels are exposed in a harbour basin.

The surrounding land is used for agriculture. Meadows and pastures line the riverbanks. On the right side of the Elbe extensive riparian forests border the grassland.  
A permanent monitoring site of the International Commission for the Protection of the Elbe (ICPE) is installed about 13 km downstream of the sampling site.



Sampling period

1993 - 2022