Oberhalb Illermündung

Only sub-area in headwaters

The semi-natural and unexploited sub-area Oberhalb Illermündung (upstream of the mouth of the river Iller) lies in the upper reaches of the Danube just below the Swabian Alb.

This section of the Danube has a classic low mountain range character with typical regional features of an alpine-influenced cold-water river. At the lower range of the sub-area, reservoir basins running parallel to the river offer ideal habitats for bream. With the exception of these basins and the straightening the river banks are in a natural state. Motorized boats are not allowed in this area.

The barrages in the lower section of the sub-area offer ideal habitats for bream despite the low mountain range character of the Danube in this section. Upstream the abundance of bream is not sufficient for sampling.

Sampling site

  • Highest-located ESB sampling site for breams in the river Danube



Sampling period

2002 - 2022