Saar, Staustufe Güdingen

Saar, Staustufe Güdingen
Photo: UPB-Projektgruppe Trier

The Saar river entering the Saarland conurbation

The sampling site Staustufe Güdingen (barrage at Güdingen) documents the water status of the Saar before it enters the Saarland conurbation. It extends from the barrage at Güdingen to the area below the power plant Römerbrücke. The barrage Güdingen/Saarbrücken is the first of six barrages built to bridge the 55 metres difference in altitude of the deepened river section between Saarbrücken and Konz.

The sampling site is influenced by the sewage treatment plant Brebach, which is the second largest sewage treatment plant in the Saarland with a capacity of 135.000 population equivalents.

The ESB sampling site Staustufe Güdingen is used for sampling zebra mussels, bream and suspended particulate matter.



Sampling period

1992 - 2022