Soil profile of the sampling site Bornhöveder Seengebiet; Photo FhG IME
Soil profile Bornhöveder Seengebiet; Photo FhG IME Zoom in

The sampling site Bornhöveder Seengebiet is located on arable land in the catchment area of Lake Belau.

The predominant soils are  Braunerden and Kolluvisol-Braunerden  (German soil classification KA 4) originating from ice-age sedimentation and run-off material. The soil sampling site of the Environmental Specimen Bank is situated in the direct neighbourhood of the permanent soil monitoring site BDF24 of the Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.  That makes a data exchange possible between the two projects.

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  • Soil is livelihood and biosphere for humans, animals, plants and soil organisms. All the substances brought in are transported, transformed and/or accumulated in the soil.


Sampling period

2002 - 2019

Extended information