Unterhalb Altmühlmündung

The central section of the river Danube in Germany

The sub-area Unterhalb Altmühlmündung (downstream of the mouth of river Altmühl) lies in the middle reaches of the Danube in the Munich Gravel Plain north of the Hallertau.

The size of the Danube increases significantly by the confluence with the Altmühl and changes its character from the upper reaches to the middle reaches. The Altmühl connects the Danube with the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal and hence with the Rhine.

This section of the Danube is used as shipping route and the sub-area is therefore characterized by extensive straightening and chains of barrages. Furthermore, the river banks of the main stream are almost completely reinforced by gravel.

Sampling site

  • The only sampling site in the German middle course of the river Danube. It forms a bridgehead over the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to the river Rhine.



Sampling period

2002 - 2022