The former centre of mining and coal, iron and steel industry becomes the Regional Park Saar

The so-called Saarkohlewald is a mountainous region located in the northwest of Saarbrücken. With a width of up to 8 km it extends about 20 km to the northwest.

It was in the valleys of the Saarkohlewald with their large coal reserves, their extensive forests and their good traffic connections where the economic development of the Saarland started. The sub-area is characterized by settlements and industrial areas next to forests.

The decline of mining and heavy industry has lead to a significant decrease in environmental pollution during the past 30 years. To date, the Saarkohlewald is being developed into a recreational area for the conurbation of Saarbrücken.

Sampling site


  • A major primary producer in semi-natural and anthropogenic affected ecosystems.
  • Soil is livelihood and biosphere for humans, animals, plants and soil organisms. All the substances brought in are transported, transformed and/or accumulated in the soil.


Sampling period

1995 - 2006