Integrierte Bewertung von Quecksilber anhand der Erhebungen der Umweltprobenbank des Bundes (UPB)

2015, Reports

Schulz, Florian; Hahn, Stefan; Rüdel, Heinz; Uhlig, Steffen; Hettwer, Karina; Kaltenbach, Hans-Michael
Fraunhofer ITEM Hannover; Fraunhofer IME Schmallenberg; QuoData GmbH Dresden; 2015. - 236, Projektnummer (32 842)

Integrated Assessment of mercury basing on investigations of the German Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB)


This research project was aimed at a comparative examination of the human and environmental mercury exposure based on monitoring data derived from the German Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB) and supplementary information from literature and other sources. Environmental monitoring and human biomonitoring data were surveyed and aggregated if necessary as well as discussed in terms of different aspects such as trend analyses or comparisons between different specimen types and sampling areas. Particularly human biomonitoring data were statistically analysed to differentiate the fraction attributed to amalgam fillings from other mercury sources (consumed fish, non-specific fraction). Complementary literature data on mercury emission pathways to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems were discussed in combination with measured mercury contents in ESB specimen. Finally hypotheses concerning mercury exposure were established and discussed along with the results of this evaluation.

Final report