Quintochlorbenzene, QCB, PeCB; formula: C6HCl5; CAS Registry Number: 608-93-5

Persistent chlorinated hydrocarbon

Pentachlorobenzene is a chlorinated hydrocarbon, which is used mainly in the production of the fungicide pentachloronitrobenzene (Quintozene). It may enter the environment during the production process through waste waters and, furthermore, as impurity of the fungicide.
Degradation of pentachlorobenzene in the environment is slow. It is immobile and adsorbs to soil and sediments.
Pentachlorobenzene is accumulated by organisms. Furthermore, it is highly toxic to aquatic organisms.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, pentachlorobenzene was banned in 1992. An EU-wide ban followed in 2002. Its inclusion in the Stockholm Convention (POP convention) was agreed upon in May 2009.