German Environmental Specimen Bank: Infotainment at Berlin's urban rail station Friedrichstrasse

November 18, 2012

Entertaining knowledge transfer to the public

The German Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB) invites the public to learn more about its work in an entertaining way.

The scientific framework of the event is formed by the ESB project partners, who will inform about their tasks and practical work by presenting their working equipment and special-purpose vehicles.

Further topics are the presentation of the "Report of the German Environmental Specimen Bank 2012", the opening of the new federal archive for human samples and the "Labor der Zukunft" a glimpse at tomorrow’s laboratory technology.

Venue: Dorothea-Schlegel-Platz at urban rail station (S-Bahnhof) Friedrichstraße, Berlin
Schedule: 9:30 h to 16:00 h

Flyer Infotainment Umweltprobenbank (German)


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